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Interaction Flow Details report

This page describes how you can use the Interaction Flow Details report to trace an interaction as it passes through various contact center resources, to understand, in detail and from a customer perspective, how interactions progress.

[+] Tip: How do I generate a report?

Understanding the Interaction Flow Details report


The Interaction Flow Details report shows each target that the interaction reached, how the interaction was processed at that target (for example, Abandoned, Completed, Diverted, or Transferred), how long the processing took, and other details about the interaction.

You can specify the Timestamp(s), Target Agent, Target Queue, Customer ID, From, To, Media Type, Interaction Type, and Interaction ID.

To get a better idea of what this report looks like, view sample output from the report:

For multiple-switch environments that share the same queue names across switches, talk to your Genesys representative about customizing this report to recognize a particular switch-queue combination (instead of the queue alone) to retrieve the desired results.

Because of the volume of data that this report could potentially generate, Genesys recommends that you restrict the start and end dates to the narrowest range that satisfies your report criteria. The default date selections span one day. Specification of agent and queue prompts will also improve report performance and limit the data that is returned.

The following tables explain the prompts you can select when you generate the report, and the measures that are represented in the report:

  • [+] Prompts for the Interaction Flow Details report
  • [+] Measures used in the Interaction Flow Details report
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