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Campaign Callbacks Summary Report

This page describes how you can use the Campaign Callbacks Summary Report to view a breakdown of campaign callbacks, including information about how many were scheduled, completed, or missed.

[+] Tip: How do I generate a report?

Understanding the Campaign Callbacks Summary


The Main tab of this report summarizes the total number of callbacks processed by the contact center breaking them down into the total number scheduled, missed, and completed for each day of the reporting period and distinguishing personal callbacks from nonpersonal ones. The report design internally filters the dataset to return Outbound voice-only interactions.

You can specify the Dates, Campaigns, and Tenants on which to report.

The following tables explain the prompts you can select when you generate the report, and the measures that are represented in the report:

  • [+] Prompts for the Campaign Callbacks Summary Report
  • [+] Measures used in the Campaign Callbacks Summary Report


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