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Callback Details Report

This page describes how you can use the Callback Details Report to see detailed information about your customers Callback experiences. Callback allows your customer to provide a number at which the system can call them back when an agent is available; so your customers spend less time on hold, reducing customer frustration and freeing up valuable system resources.

[+] Tip: How do I generate a report?

Understanding the Callback Details Report


Use the Callback Details Report to learn exactly what happened with each callback scheduled in your contact center, including the time at which each state in the call began and ended, and the duration of each state.

To get a better idea of what this report looks like, view sample output from the report:

The following tables explain the prompts you can select when you generate the report, and the measures that are represented in the report:

  • [+] Prompts for the Callback Details Report
  • [+] Measures used in the Callback Details Report
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