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Agent Outbound Campaign Report

This page describes how you can use the Agent Outbound Campaign Report to learn more about how agent time is used on a campaign-by-campaign basis.

[+] Tip: How do I generate a report?

Understanding the Agent Outbound Campaign


The Main tab of this report provides detailed information about total and average durations of callhandling activities for agents who participate in outbound campaigns. The Summary tab of this report focuses on handle and preview time, organized by campaign.

You can specify the Dates, Business Results, Campaign, Agent Groups, Agents, and Tenants on which to report.

The following tables explain the prompts you can select when you generate the report, and the measures that are represented in the report:

  • [+] Prompts for the Agent Outbound Campaign Report
  • [+] Measures used in the Agent Outbound Campaign Report


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