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Agent State Details report

This page describes how you can use the Agent State Details report to view the times and durations of the various agent-state changes during specified time period.

[+] Tip: How do I generate a report?

Understanding the Agent State Details report


This report displays the timestamps and durations of the various agent-state changes during a range of hours that you specify within a given day. This information enables supervisors to track how an agent spent his or her time in various non-call-related states and to make assessments about how well this time was spent. If a hardware- or software-related reason was logged for any state, this information also appears in the report. Use this report for monitoring an agent's non-call-related activities, especially under those circumstances in which the agent is paid by the minute.

If the agent continues to be logged in over a two-day time span (or longer) and is not forcibly logged out by the system, state duration is split over each calendar day.

You can specify the Date, Hour Range, Agent Group, Agent, Reason Code Type, and Media Type.

To get a better idea of what this report looks like, view sample output from the report:

The following tables explain the prompts you can select when you generate the report, and the measures that are represented in the report:

  • [+] Prompts for the Agent State Details report
  • [+] Measures used in the Agent State Details report


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