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Managing Multiple Voice and Chat conversations

Depending on how your administrator has configured your agent profile, you might be able to perform multiple voice and chat interactions at a time. While you are chatting with a customer, you might get an inbound call. While you are on a voice call, you might conduct multiple chats with customers. The extent to which you multitask depends on the capacity that your administrator configured for you.

Consider this scenario: You are talking with Bob on the voice channel, when a chat invitation pops up on your screen. You can accept the invitation and start the interaction with the other customer. After you greet the other customer and start chatting with her, two tabs are displayed: one for the voice conversation and one for the chat. In this manner, you can manage several conversations at one time. Remember after each chat is concluded, you must complete the finishing tasks and mark the chat as Done.

How to Toggle Between Chats


If you have multiple interactions on the go at the same time, you can access a specific interaction in one of the following ways:

  • Select the tab for the interaction you want to work with in the Adapter.
  • Select the interaction from the drop-down list.

Take a few moments to review the components of the adapter than you can use to manage multiple conversations.


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