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Working with the Chat Channel

As part of the omnichannel customer experience, customers have the opportunity to chat with a live agent while browsing on your website.

This proactive touchpoint with the customer enables him or her to reach out to you for assistance, if needed. Even while you are accepting calls on the voice channel, you can respond to chat customers from your GPlus Adapter for Oracle Service Cloud.

When you accept a chat invitation, information about the call is displayed in the adapter and a tab is opened that displays information about the caller, if available.

Call Details

The call details provide you all the data the adapter has about the chat, including:

Case Data

To view case data, select Case Data on the Menu Bar. The Case Data section shows you read-only information about the call — the exact information is determined by your administrator.

Oracle adp case data.png

Here are a few examples of some information you might see in the case data:

  • Origin
  • Target
  • Customer name
  • Call type
  • Account information
  • Subject
  • Incident ID

If the call details include an Incident ID, this means that the caller is contacting you about an existing issue. You can click the link to learn more about the incident.

Some case data fields, such as the Subject field, might include a clickable link to an external webpage for more information.


If configured by your administrator, you can change the disposition for a call either during the call or as part of your after-call work. You can use this field to record the business outcome of the call. To update, just click the drop-down list and select a disposition. You can't make any other changes after you click Done.

Chatting with a Customer


When you log in to your adapter, the Genesys Media Bar is displayed. However, there are no chat or voice invitations displayed initially. When a new chat interaction arrives, a popup window is displayed with some details about the customer. You can choose to Accept or Reject the chat invitation. As more chat interactions are routed to you, new chat invitations will popup.

When you accept a chat invitation, a tab is opened for the conversation. This is where you actively chat with your customer. Conduct your chat conversation with your customer. When the conversation is complete, click Done and complete your after-call work.

If you reject the chat, the chat invitation is no longer displayed on your adapter and the customer is routed to another agent.

Troubleshooting tip

If the customer leaves the chat before you accept the invitation, a message is displayed in the chat transcript. This message lets you know that the chat is now offline. The only action that you can perform in an offline chat is mark the chat as done.

Finishing a Chat

When your chat is over, either because the other party left the chat or you clicked Leave Chat GplusEndChat.png, select an option from the Set Disposition drop-down list box. A disposition adds information to the chat record.

If your adapter does not automatically change your status to After Call Work to give you time to complete this task; you can change the status yourself. Your adapter might also be configured to automatically mark the chat as done as soon as it's over.

After finishing any after-call work, you can click Done, which completes the call. At this time, your status might automatically change to Ready, Not Ready, or another status, if configured by your administrator; otherwise, you have to change your status yourself.

If you are finishing multiple chats, just click the tab for a chat, enter any necessary information in the chat details area, and click Done. Then, move on to your next chat tab.


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