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Submitting feedback (v8)

Sometimes web-based applications don't work as expected. There might be network connection issues, or the system that sends you phone calls and chats might be slow or behaving in odd ways. Sometimes the sound quality of a phone call is bad. Sometimes an error message is displayed on your desktop. These and other issues are problems that you should report to your supervisor.

How to provide feedback when something goes wrong


Open the Help menu and select Feedback to open the Feedback window. Choose the type of feedback that you want to give, either a suggestion or to report an issue, describe the problem or suggestion by typing in the text box, then click Send to submit your feedback. This information, along with logs about what you were doing in your most recent Agent Desktop session, are sent to Genesys and are available to Customer Care for later reference.

If for some reason the adapter becomes disconnected from your network and you have to close your browser and launch a new one to log in again, the adapter automatically opens the Feedback window to let you write a report about the disconnection problem immediately.

After you complete a feedback report, please tell your supervisor about it. He or she might want to call Genesys Customer Care about the problem and will be able to refer to the feedback you just submitted.

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