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Capacity Service


The Capacity service enables you to define the number of agents that are available for Callback for a given time slot in the week. The Callback service refers to your Capacity service and to your Office Hours service to adjust the agent availability and the number of scheduled callbacks.

You can define exceptions for dates when fewer or more agents are available, and you can define as many Capacity services that you need to match your Callback services. This way, you can address the agent workload according to the resources that are available.

Make sure to update the existing calendar configuration to set the correct timezone for your Capacity service. For instance, if you configured "EST", or "PST" timezones with the configuration, your parameters must use the timezones defined for Java such as "America/Toronto", or "Europe/Paris". See Wikipedia to get the list of correct timezones.

Add Capacity


Edit the Capacity value to open the Capacity grid widget. Enter your capacity per Day or Hours, then Save.


You can see for which days of the week the Capacity service is defined.

Add Exceptions


For more flexibility, you can set exceptions for the Capacity service. You can enter dates with different capacities for federal holidays, vacations, and so on.

Edit the Capacity Exception value to open the interface.


You can add as many exceptions as you need. You can also even update later to modify your agent capacity.


Click Save to update your Capacity data. A popup message displays the operation result.

Display sub-capacities and sub-exceptions


To display the list of sub-capacities and sub-exceptions, enable Advanced Parameters.


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