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Callback and CallbackService share the configuration namespace '_genesys.widgets.callback'. Callback has UI options while CallbackService has connection options.


window._genesys.widgets.callback = {

	dataURL: 'http://fce-w0147.us.int.genesyslab.com:8010/genesys/1/service/callback/samples',
	userData: {},
	countryCodes: true,
	immediateCallback: true,
	scheduledCallback: true,
	ewt: {
		display: true,
		queue: 'chat_ewt_test',
		threshold: 2000


Name Type Description Default Required
countryCodes boolean Enable/disable display of country codes for phone number. true n/a
immediateCallback boolean Enable/disable the immediate (As Soon As Possible) callback option. true n/a
scheduledCallback boolean Enable/disable the scheduling (Pick date & time) callback option. true n/a
form object A JSON object containing a custom registration form definition. The JSON definition placed here becomes the default registration form layout for Callback. See Customizable Callback Registration Form A basic registration form is defined internally by default n/a
ewt.display boolean To display Estimated Wait Time (EWT) details. true n/a
ewt.queue string EWT service channel virtual queue. none Always required if Estimated Waiting Time has to be displayed.
ewt.threshold number If EWT is less than this threshold value (seconds), wait time will not be shown. 30 n/a
ewt.refreshInterval number Wait time is updated for every time interval (seconds) defined here. 10 n/a
ewt.immediateCallback.thresholdMin number If EWT is less than this minimum threshold value (seconds), then 'As Soon As Possible' option (Immediate Callback) will be disabled. This value should be configured less than or equal to above ewt.threshold value. none n/a
ewt.immediateCallback.thresholdMax number If EWT is more than this maximum threshold value (seconds), then 'As Soon As Possible' option (Immediate Callback) will be disabled. none n/a


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