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Media Player

The SpeechMiner Media Player enables you to play back the audio of recorded interactions.

The Media Player provides a range of interaction playback features that can help you to: 

  • Quickly and easily find information associated with the specific interaction.
  • View events associated with the interaction. 
  • View an interaction's transcript. 
  • Add comments and view comments made by other users.

To activate the Media Player, click the Play icon Playiconfromgrid.png in the Search Results grid. The Media Player is displayed as a timeline with various controls and a variety of information. If interactions are recorded with two audio channels (for example, one for the agent and the other for the customer), the audio channels are shown on both sides of the audio line (one speaker above and the other below).

Events (both linguistic and non-linguistic) and comments are indicated by icons above the audio graph. 

To learn more about how to work with the Media Player refer to the following sections:

  • Playback: Enables you to listen to a specific interaction.
  • Interaction Transcript: Enables you to view the words spoken during the interaction. 
  • Interaction Comments: Enables you to view other users ideas and thoughts about the interaction and provides you with the option of making comments yourself.
  • Interaction Attributes: Enables you to view specific characteristics about the interaction you are playing.
  • Media Player Options: Enables you to perform numerous tasks associated with the interaction you are playing.    
  • Interaction Events: Shows you when events are detected during the interaction. 
Interactions are re-index when an interaction is played and when a comment is added or changed. 
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