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Log into SpeechMiner UI

When you log into the system, SpeechMiner UI automatically verifies the roles and groups assigned to your account.

The roles assigned to your account signify what SpeechMiner UI features you are allowed to access.

Only the features you have permissions to view are displayed in the interface when you log into the system.

Before you log into SpeechMiner UI consider the following:

The SpeechMiner UI address will be given to you by your system administrator. Alternatively, when your account was created you may have received an automated email notification with the same information.

You can log into SpeechMiner UI from any of the currently supported browsers. A list of supported browsers can be found in the latest SpeechMiner UI Release Notes.

Log into SpeechMiner UI

  1. In a browser of your choice navigate to the Genesys Portal and select Recording.
  2. In the fields provided enter your Username and Password.
  3. Click Log In.
If you are having problems viewing SpeechMiner UI, refer to Appendix A - Configure the Browser.
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