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Create a New Report

New reports are based on an existing template.

Create a new report

  1. Select Explore > Reports.
  2. Select Templates.
  3. Decide which report template will act as the basis of your new report.
  4. Click the Preview link to see an example of the report template.
  5. Click the Edit link associated with the template on which you want to base your new report. The Edit Report tab is opened. The name of the selected template appears in the Template list.
  6. Important
    You can change the template by selecting a different template from the Template list.
  7. Configure the report as necessary using the available parameters at the top of the screen and under Interactions Filter on the left side of the screen. For additional information about each parameter refer to Report Parameters.
  8. Important
    Not all templates include Interactions Filter on the left side of the screen.
  9. Click Run Report. The report appears at the bottom of the screen under that report parameters.
  10. Optional: Click Save Smicon save.png to save the report. You do not have to save a report to run it. To create a report based on a saved report click Save As Smicon saveas.png 
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