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Create an Ad-Hoc Evaluation Session

The Ad-Hoc evaluation enables you to create an evaluation session for a specific interaction or segment currently being played in the Media Player.

Before you create and/or perform an Ad-Hoc evaluation, consider the following:

  • By default, the Ad-Hoc evaluation will expire 24 hours after it is created.
  • An Ad-Hoc evaluation is only visible to the user who created it and to users with the permission to edit all evaluation sessions.
  • An Ad-Hoc evaluation can only be created from the Media Player > More options menu for the interaction currently being played.

Create an Ad-Hoc evaluation session

  1. Select an interaction and click Play link=. For more information about playing an interaction, see Media Player.
  2. Click More link= in the Media Player and select Evaluate. The Evaluate Interaction window appears.
  3. Enter a name in the Evaluation Name field.
  4. From the Form(s) list, select the forms that should be included in the Ad-Hoc evaluation session. For additional details about Forms, see Forms Manager.
  5. Click Create. The new Ad-Hoc evaluation session is opened.
  6. Perform the evaluation. For details on how to perform an evaluation session, see Perform an Evaluation Session.
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