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Action Items

Action Items enable you to manage SpeechMiner tasks.

To view your Action Items click the Action Items link in the upper right corner of the SpeechMiner screen.

The Action Items link contains round brackets. The number within those brackets indicates the amount of Action Items assigned to you.

  • A black Action Item link indicates that no items are assigned to you.
  • A green Action Item link indicates that the list contains items assigned to you.
  • A bold green Action Item link indicates that new items have not been read or the status of an existing Action Item has been changed.

With Action Items you can:

For example, a supervisor can create an Action Item that asks one of his staff members to create a series of sessions. The staff member will see that a new task has been assigned to him when he logs in to SpeechMiner. With Action Item's the staff member can add notes as he progresses with the task and his supervisor can monitor his progress.

The summary in an Evaluator Message action item is also a link to the Evaluation Session associated with the action item. If you received this action item type, read the Summary instructions and click the link to the associated evaluation session, to better understand the action item before you perform and complete it.
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