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Agent Comparison

The Agent Comparison report consists of a bar graph comparing Agents' performance against each other, as well as against the average value of all the agents that are represented. The numbers in the table and graph represent an interaction count.

Common Usages

  • Plot agent performance statistics to see who performs above and below the benchmark (the average of a group is determined by the filter selections).
  • Drill down on specific agents to play their interactions and find examples about effective agent behavior or areas that need improvement.
  • Utilize the data obtained from the report to identify training needs for effective agent evaluations.

Customizing the Report

General Settings:

  • Version - Available in Full Report (standard size), Mini, Wide, X-Axis Only, and Y-Axis Only versions.

For additional information, see Report Parameters.


  • Click a bar in the graph or an item in a table to open a list of interactions included in the specific item.
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