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Grammars & Bots

From the Grammars & Bots menu you can manage your Speech Grammars and the Bot Registry.

Speech Grammars

Click Speech Grammars to upload and manage speech grammars for use in your applications. Genesys Designer supports voice and dtmf speech grammars in either SRGS (GRXML) or SLM format.

A speech grammar defines the list of phrases or options that the caller can input when they use your application. You might use a voice speech grammar to tell your application which words or phrases might be used by the caller, to help the application determine how the call should be routed.

For example, an automotive company might upload a speech grammar that contains phrases that a caller might use when they contact the company, such as "I want the parts department" or "I am interested in buying a new car." Your application can use these phrases to determine the best routing target for this customer.

Creating a Speech Grammar

Click Add Grammar to create a speech grammar. In the pop-up window, enter a name for the speech grammar and click OK.

You can now upload your speech grammar file. In the Grammar detail area, click the Language drop-down to select the language of the speech grammar. Next, click the Choose file to upload button that appears when you hover over the No file text. Choose a file to upload.

After the speech grammar file has uploaded, you can click Des grammar showcontents.png to view the contents of the grammar file in a read-only window.

Next, you can tag the speech grammar or enter a description. You can also specify the format and mode of the speech grammar.

Genesys Designer does not validate the contents of the speech grammar. The Grammar Format and Grammar Mode settings only determine how Designer treats the speech grammar in an application.

When you are done, click Save to save your changes.

Using Speech Grammars

You can use the User Input block to reference your speech grammars in applications.

In the Input tab, you can select External Grammars and click Add Grammar to add your speech grammar to the block. You can use multiple speech grammars at once.

In the ASR Settings tab, you can enable the Use application-wide ASR settings check box to use the default ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) settings. You can define these settings by clicking Settings in the Toolbar.

Alternatively, you can disable the Use application-wide ASR settings check box to fine-tune the ASR settings for this User Input block.

Refer to the User Input block page for more information.

Bot Registry

The Bot Registry contains the bot resources you've defined. You can add them to your applications using the Bot block.

Defining a new bot

Click Add Bot Definition and enter the details for your bot. Give the bot a Name and select a Type from the list. Designer currently supports Lex (Amazon), Dialogflow (Google), and Dialog Engine (Genesys) bot types.

Des define new bot.png

You must have an account with the provider of the selected bot type to configure the properties for your bot resource.

After you have added the bot to the registry, you can select it to configure and manage its properties.

Des bot registry.png

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