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Agents are Users who handle customer interactions directly. The Agents window lists all Agents in your environment (or Tenant, if you are in a multi-tenant environment). You can only see those objects for which you have access.

You can filter the contents of this list in several ways:

  • Click Show Quick Filter and type a search term in the Quick Filter field. The list updates dynamically to show items that match the text in the Quick Filter field.
  • Click Show Column Filter to show search fields for each column header. Enter a search term in one of these fields to quickly search the column for the search term.
  • Click the cube icon to open the Tenant Directory window. In this window, click the Tenant that you want to select. Use the Quick Filter field to filter the Tenant list.

You can sort the items in the list by clicking a column head. Clicking a column head a second time reverses the sort order.

Creating an Agent

To create a new Agent, click Add.

[+] Show Procedure

Other Actions

Once you select an Agent, you can:

  • Edit Agent Information—Select an Agent and click Edit to edit Agent information. If you edit the Default Number field:
    • If this field is emptied, the Agent is disassociated from the current Place and its Agent Login objects are emptied.
    • If a new value is given, the agent is associated with a new Place, DN, and Agent Login that match the value. New objects are created, if they do not already exist. Existing objects are emptied and not deleted.
  • Copy an Agent—Select an Agent and click Clone to make a copy of the Agent object.
  • Change State—Select an Agent and click either Enable or Disable to change the state of an Agent.
  • Agents that are disabled appear grayed out in the list.
  • When a User is either disabled or removed, Platform Administration invalidates all sessions associated with this User. Upon the User's next action, he or she will be redirected to the login page.

To delete one or more Agents, click the check box beside the Agent(s) in the list and click Delete.

  • When deleting an Agent, Platform Administration does not delete the DN, Place, or Agent Login objects assigned to the Agent.
  • You should only reconfigure a Place object when there are no Agents logged into the Place. Doing so can have an impact on both the status of the Place in Pulse reports and call routing to the associated Agents.
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