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Interaction History Advanced Search options

In the Interaction History Advanced Search section, you can configure the following options:

  • Can Search all Interactions allows an agent to search among all interactions.
  • Can Advanced Search all Interactions allows an agent to conduct an advanced search among all interactions.
  • Can Filter all Interactions allows an agent to filter all interactions.
  • All Interactions Quick Search Attributes specifies the interaction attributes used to search interactions in quick search mode of the Interaction Search view.
  • History Search Attributes specifies the list of interaction attributes an agent can use in the Advanced Search mode of the Contact History, My History and Interaction Search views.
    Search attributes include Subject, Start/End Date, Status, Contact, From Address, Phone Number, Released Date, Sent Date, Notes, and Interaction Type.
  • Date Search Types specifies the search types available to search the contact database by date. Types include On, On or After, Before, and Between.
  • All Interactions Displayed Columns specifies the interaction attributes displayed in the result list of the Interaction Search view.
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