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Enabling Multiple Adapters

With a Zendesk account, you have the option to create fields in an organizational type. Once this account is created, your organization can have multiple profiles of the Adapter. Two agents belonging to different organizations can use different profiles.

When an agent logs into Zendesk, this organizational setting (if defined) overrides the settings that were previously added to the App > Marketplace view to connect to the Genesys Cloud.

Enabling Multiple Profiles

Manage the following configuration fields, as shown in the graphic below and as described in the Organization Fields Settings table below:

Organization Fields View

Organization Fields Settings Table

Field Name Information to Enter

Center Name

[type: text, key: center_name]

Server URL

[type: text, key: server_url]

Agent Login Timeout

[type: numeric, key: agent_login_timeout]

Failover Pooling Interval

[type: numeric, key: failover_pooling_interval]

Local Logging

[type: checkbox, key: local_logging, tag: local_logging]

Confirm Agent Transfers

[type: checkbox, key: confirm_agent_transfers, tag: confirm_agent_transfers]

Agent Wrapup Time

[type: numeric, key: agent_wrapup_time]

Agent Monitor URL

[type: text, key: agent_monitor_url]

Win Refresh

[type: checkbox, key: win_refresh, tag: win_refresh]

Auto Create Text

[type: checkbox, key: auto_create_text, tag: auto_create_text]

Search Customer

[type: checkbox, key: search_customer, tag: search_customer]

Search Ticket

[type: checkbox, key: search_ticket, tag: search_ticket]

Search Organization

[type: checkbox, key: search_organization, tag: search_organization]

Show Search Page

[type: checkbox, key: show_search_page, tag: show_search_page]

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