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Logging In

When launching the Adapter, the Log In view opens in your browser. It enables you to identify yourself to the Adapter system.

If your call center has single sign-on (SSO) available, after you log in, you are directly connected to Genesys and are automatically put into the Ready state, so you can start taking calls.

To log in:

  1. Enter your username (email address) and password
  2. Click Log In at the Login screen, as shown below:
Log In View

After you login, the SoftPhone dial pad opens, as shown below:

SoftPhone Dial Pad

You can use the the SoftPhone dial pad to:

  • Make an outbound call
  • Change your online status by selecting Cti sf statusicon.png
  • Change your phone number by selecting Cti sf dropdown.png
    Administrators can enable or disable this feature using VCC Dashboard. See the Call Center Settings topic in the VCC Dashboard Help for more information.
  • Log out
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