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How Do I Enable Automatic Welcome Emails?

You can choose to automatically send a welcome email containing login instructions to all new team members in your contact center. This lets you control when new members receive an email notifying them that their account was created. After you create new team members, you can quickly send updates with one-click. You can also easily disable this feature, if needed.

Where is this setting located?

You can find the Welcome Emails check box under Settings > Desktop > General:

VCC272 Dashboard WelcomeEmails.png
When you use the Welcome Emails option on the General tab, you are setting this as a global option for the entire contact center. You can also set this option at the business unit level. This setting is done using the Add User dialog box under the Users view. If you set the Welcome Emails option at the business unit level, then this setting takes precedence over the option set at the contact center level.

How do I enable or disable welcome emails?

  • To enable the emails, select the Welcome Emails check box.
  • To disable the emails, remove the check mark in the Welcome Emails check box.
If you disable the Welcome Emails option then newly created users won't receive any login instructions. To send an email containing these login instructions, you can use the Reset Password option to send a Reset Password email at any time to new team members in your contact center.
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