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Teams can consist of multiple queues, supervisors, skills, and agents. Supervisors, who are assigned to the team, only see the subset of resources assigned to their team. This limited view is known as supervisor visibility. You can use the Teams view to manage this information.

Click Settings > Teams to open this view:

VCC269 Dashboard Teams.png

You can choose a team from the overview table of the queues/skills/supervisors associated with your contact center.

  • Each row in the table shows a summary of the queues, skills, and supervisors currently assigned to the team.
  • Select a team name to access the following views:

What happens after the teams are configured?

Once the teams are configured, supervisors can only view and edit the subset of skills, queues, and agent information for the agents to which they are assigned (agents are assigned to supervisors when the supervisor and the agents are assigned to the same queue).

Keep in mind

  • This is an optional feature. If not configured, supervisors can still see all queues, skills, and agents.
  • When a new ACD Page is created in CX Builder, the associated queue is displayed here.
  • If you use this functionality, the changes you make will display in the Dashboard and Users views.

How do I search for team members?

Use the search tool to find a specific team member by queue, skill, or name by typing the name of a queue, skill, or name into the Quick Filter field:

VCC263 Quick Filter Teams.png

Press Enter to start the search or click X to clear the search field.

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