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How Do I Customize Skills?

A skill is an agent's knowledge of a particular subject that might be required in an interaction, such as language skills. Skills can also be used for routing purposes.

Click Desktop > Skills to open the Skills view to better manage global skills.

How do I add new skills?

You can add new skills by typing the name of the skill into the Skill Name field:

VCC263 Add Skills Desktop.png

Click Add to add the skill name to the list. A Successfully created new skill message appears in the lower right-hand corned when the skill is added.

  • If you add a new skill to VCC Dashboard while agents are logged in, then that skill does not appear in the drop-down lists in VCC Agent Desktop for agents to select during an outbound, transfer, or consultation call until the agent logs out and then logs in again.
  • Premier Edition Cloud does not support more than 100 skills per contact center.

Are there any rules to follow when naming skills?

The following rules apply to the naming of skills:

  • Skill names are stored as single words in the database.
  • Skill names cannot contain spaces. If you attempt to specify a skill name with spaces, an error message is displayed.
  • Skill names are case sensitive.
  • You can use numbers and underscores to name your skills, but the skill name must start with a letter.
  • You can use Camel Case to name your skills. Camel Case refers to the separation of words in a single string by using capital letters to indicate the start of each word and lowercase letters to indicate the rest of the word. For example, NewSkillName is the Camel Case representation of New Skill Name or new skill name.

How do I delete skills?

You can delete skills by selecting the skill to delete from the list and clicking DeleteIcon.png Delete. A Delete Skills dialog box appears:

  • Click Delete to remove the skill.
  • Click Don't Delete to return to the Skills view.

A Successfully Deleted Skill(s) message appears in the lower right-hand corned when the disposition is removed.

If you delete a skill, it still shows up in the VCC Agent Desktop drop-down lists until the agent logs out and then logs back in again.

How do I search for skills?

Use the search tool to find a specific skill by typing the name of the skill into the Quick Filter field:

VCC263 Quick Filter Teams.png

Press Enter to start the search or click X to clear the search field.

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