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How do I Reset Passwords?

Did you forget your password? Do you need to reset it for security reasons? Here's how you can reset passwords.

Click a team member's name in the Name column to open the Manage User dialog box:

VCC263 Reset Pass.png

Then click Reset Password to send out a reset password request.

What do I do with the reset password request?

When a reset password request is sent, an email containing the login/reset password instructions is sent to you (or whomever requested the change). This email also includes an auto-generated authentication token URL that, when clicked, directs you to a Reset Password dialog box so you can create a new password.

Once you receive an email with the login/reset password instructions, click the authentication token URL to open the Reset Password dialog box. Enter your new password information and click Reset Password.

  • If the new password is successfully reset, you can log into VCC Agent Desktop or VCC Dashboard, depending on your user role, with your new password.
  • If the new password is not successfully reset, you might see an error message such as Your passwords do not match, please enter your password again. Click the Password Help link to see the password strength rules, which are listed below.
An administrator must enable the Welcome Emails option for your contact center before you can use the Reset Password option to send an email for new team members to set their passwords.

What are the password strength rules?

For security reasons, the password that you enter must comply with the following set of rules:

  • password length must be 8 characters or more
  • password must contain one or more upper case characters
  • password must contain one or more lower case characters
  • password must contain one or more special characters
  • password must contain one or more digits
  • password must not contain any spaces
  • password cannot be reused
  • password attempts limit and lock out

These rules are enforced even though they are not listed on that screen.

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