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Outbound Calling with Team Communicator

You must have Agent and Supervisor roles to use this feature. You cannot use this feature if you have Agent and Administrator roles.

You can use the Team Communicator feature to make outbound calls in VCC Dashboard. Click VCC272 Dashboard TCSearchBox.png in the top left corner of your screen to open the Team Communicator interface.

IWContactManagementFull 850.png

How do I search for contacts?

Click in the search box and start typing information about who you want to call. As you type, Team Communicator suggests known agents, contacts, and other resources.

Use the options below to filter the search results:

  • IW Team Comm Search All Button 850.png Search all: You can select from all matching internal targets and contacts. This selection does not affect the sort order.
  • IW Team Comm Search Favorites Button 850.png Show and search favorites: Click to show only contacts/address book targets that your administrator has provided as frequently called numbers outside of the contact center. The sort order is by category or type.
  • IW Team Comm Search Recents Button 850.png Show and search recent: Select from the last 1 to 10 internal targets you have directly dialed or monitored. The sort order is by date.
  • Filter by Type: Select the type to search. For example, Agent or Skill.
  • IW Team Comm Group Ungroup Button 850.png Show/Hide Types: Select to show or hide types.

How do I start a call?

Click the Call icon beside the name of a contact to initiate an outbound call..

VCC272 Dashboard TCCall.png
  • If manually dialing a number, a +1 prefix is required to place the call for North American phone numbers. A +011 prefix is required for international numbers.
  • If your contact center is configured to use multiple caller IDs, you are prompted to select a caller ID before the call is launched.

Where can I find more information on Team Communicator?

Detailed documentation on Team Communicator is available in the Agent Desktop Help.

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