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How do I Manage Users?

Select your user role:


As a supervisor, you can use the Manage User dialog box in the Users view to manage your team's information.

You can:

  • view a team member's first name, last name, email address, or phone number
  • edit a team member's phone number
  • reset passwords
  • assign skills to team members, set skill proficiencies (using a 1-5 number rating system), and remove skills

How do I view my team member's information?

Click their name in the Name column to open the Manage User dialog box:

VCC263 View Users Info.png

How do I edit my team member's phone number?

Click a team member's name in the Name column to open the Manage User dialog box. Edit their phone number and click Save:

VCC263 Edit Phone.png


As an administrator, you can easily add users, edit user information, delete users, or assign roles to users.

How do I add users?

Click + Add User under the Users tab. This opens up the Add User dialog box where you can add your information:

VCC263 Add User.png

Fill in the required fields with the new user information. Click Add to create the new user and enable the Welcome Email option to send the log in instructions to the new user.

Adding new users is very similar to editing existing users, but the difference is that you can use the Add User dialog box to enable the Welcome Email option per user. When this option is enabled, this setting allows only the newly created users to receive welcome emails:

VCC263 Add User Welcome.png
  • The Phone Number field information is not required for administrator roles.
  • If you provide a phone number, the phone number format must follow the E.164 standard. The maximum length of the phone number is 22 digits starting with the + character — for example: +1234567890123456789.
  • If you disable the Welcome Emails option then newly created users won't receive any login instructions. To send an email containing these login instructions, you can use the reset password option to send a Reset Password email at any time to new team members in your contact center.
  • Supervisors must also have the agent role to handle or monitor calls.

How do I edit user information?

You edit a user's information by clicking on a user's name in the Name column in the User table to open the Manage User dialog box. Edit the user's first and last name and and click Save.

VCC263 Edit Name.png

How do I delete users?

You can delete any user from an associated team. Click a user name in the Name column in the User table to open the Manage User dialog box. Then click Delete User:

VCC263 Delete User.png

A confirmation dialog box appears asking you if you are sure you want to delete the user. You can then click Delete to save the changes or click Don't Delete to discard the changes.

How do I assign user roles?

You can assign user roles by clicking a user name in the Name column in the User table to open the Manage User dialog box:

VCC263 Adding Roles.png

Then assign a role for this user by clicking the appropriate check box. You can choose from the following roles:

  • Agent — Can handle customer interactions using Agent Desktop (see the VCC Agent Desktop Help for more information). In some contact centers, agents also have read-only access to the Dashboard view in VCC Dashboard.
  • Supervisor — Manages agents using the Dashboard and Users views in VCC Dashboard. Supervisors can also choose to handle interactions in Agent Desktop.
  • Administrator — Creates users and manages contact-center activities using the Dashboard, Users, and Settings views.

You can combine user roles for those who need them. For example, Genesys recommends that you assign both the Agent and Supervisor roles to supervisor user accounts. Supervisors must have the Agent role to monitor agent calls or access certain features in VCC Dashboard.

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