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An employee in the contact center who takes service calls and processes subsequent data at a computer. In the system, an object that represents an employee in the contact center. In client-server applications, the part of the system that prepares and exchanges information on behalf of a client or server application. In a business role, a human resource whose primary role in the business consists in the handling of interactions.

A general term for someone who handles customer inquiries and support in a contact center. Besides handling telephone calls, agents also can be skilled in answering e-mails, holding chat sessions, and other contacts with customers using other media types. Also referred to as a customer service representative (CSR), sales representative, rep, associate, consultant, engineer, operator, technician, account executive, team member, customer service professional, staff member, attendant, or specialist.

In Workforce Management (WFM), a database object that is imported from the Configuration Database and represents a contact-center employee.
A Person object in Configuration Manager, where the Is Agent check box is selected.

In Premier Edition Cloud, a contact-center employee who handles calls, chat sessions, or emails, and processes this information using the VCC Agent Dashboard application.



Dashboard View

The Dashboard view helps you to better monitor real-time service levels and other statistics for your team (supervisor and agent) or contact center (administrator). These statistics are displayed as collapsible widgets. Open this view by clicking the Dashboard tab at the top-left of the screen:

VCC265 Dashboard.png

The Dashboard view is divided into the following:

eServices (Chat and Email) are add-on options to the inbound voice contact center and therefore are not visible until activated. Contact your account representative if you wish to activate any of these add-on features. See the Add-On Functionality section to find out more information about these features.

What can I do with this view?

You can:

Can I allow agents to see the Dashboard view?

You must contact your Genesys representative to enable this feature.

If enabled for your contact center, users who only have the agent role can log into VCC Dashboard and access a read-only version of the Dashboard view.

This feature enables agents to know the availability of other agents without the risk of these users making changes to contact-center operations.

VCC Dashboard Readonly.png
If you are an administrator, see the How do I assign user roles? topic for more information on assigning user roles.

How do I personalize this view?

Sorting widgets

You can sort widgets by various criteria, depending on the statistics available in the widget.

Click VCC265 Queue-Arrow.png to sort in ascending or descending order.

Click the link beside the sort order icon to change the sorting critera.

VCC265 Widget Sort.png

Pinned widgets are always displayed at the top, even when sorted.

Pinning widgets

You can pin one or more widgets so they always appear at the top. If you change the sort order, pinned widgets are sorted first, then widgets that are not pinned.

To pin a widget, click the pin icon beside the widget.

VCC265 Widget Pinned.png

To remove the pin, click the pin icon again.

VCC265 Widget Unpinned.png

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