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How Can Agents Change Their Phone Number When They Login?

Agents in your contact center might have an assigned seat at a desk that they have to share with others. For example, agents on day-shifts might share a desk with agents on night-shifts. This type of seating is known as desk sharing. Or, agents in your contact center might sit in any seat that is available. This type of seating is known as hot desking.

Because of these seating arrangements, agents might need to change their phone number when they log in at their desks to make sure that the phone calls in the ACD queue are routed to the correct agents. You can configure this option using the Permissions tab under Desktop.

If your contact center does not allow agents to use this option, make sure that Change Number on Login box is not checked.

How do I enable or disable the Change Number on Login option?

  • Click Change Number on Login to enable agents to change their number on login:
    VCC263 Change Number.png
  • Click to remove the check mark in the Change Number on Login check box to disable this feature.
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