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VCC Dashboard

VCC Dashboard is an easy to use application that enables you to view the state of your ACD queues and manage your agents and skills, permitting you to make instantaneous and informed decisions about agents and ACD queues. You can select agents and monitor their call activity, coach them, and barge-in on active calls.

Dashboard View

The Dashboard view helps you to better monitor your contact center's real-time service levels and other statistics. These statistics are displayed as collapsible widgets that you can flip through. Open this view by clicking the Dashboard tab at the top-left of the screen:

VCC265 Dashboard.png

You can use this view to:

Users View

Depending on your contact center settings, the Users view displays either all of the agents within your contact center or the agents within your team. You can use this view to better monitor the real-time statistics of the agents within your team and manage their information.

VCC Users View Tab.png

The Users view can also help you better understand when agents need assistance and why agents are not available to handle calls. For example:

  • When an agent is in the ACW or the Not Ready status, the active reason code is displayed for that agent in the Status column, which allows you to know what the agent is doing either post call or while not available to handle calls.
  • When an agent is in the In Call status, the Target Skill column displays the active skill for the call so you know what type of call the agent is handling. The Duration column displays how long the agent has been on the call.

In this view, you can do the following (depending on your role):

  • view the call status of your team members at a glance
  • add new users
  • assign skills and proficiencies to users
  • monitor the agent state of any user (for example, change their state to Ready to take calls)
  • use the Manage User dialog box to manager user information
  • change the User table display
  • search for user information
  • monitor your team members' calls
  • barge in a call
  • handle calls using the interaction bar

Settings View

The Settings view is where you, as an administrator, can set many of the system configurations on an on-demand basis. Open this view by clicking the Settings tab at the top-left of the screen:

VCC263 Settings Tab.png

You can use this view to customize your contact center by:

Call Handling and Monitoring

You can use VCC Dashboard to receive calls or to monitor agent calls.

You must log into VCC Agent Desktop to make outbound calls.

Supervisor call monitoring lets you silently listen-in or barge-in on calls that your team is handling for the purpose of maintaining quality. You can also coach any agent who is logged in.

You can use the Users table to select an agent to monitor, which starts your call monitoring session. You can only monitor one agent at a time.

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