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CX Analytics (Historical Reporting)

CX Analytics provides historical reporting. CX Analytics offers analysis of call data and insight into the performance of voice, email, and chat applications, so changes can quickly be made to the contact center flow to increase containment and customer satisfaction. CX Analytics delivers a comprehensive suite of reports for Self-Service (IVR) and VCC through a single portal.

If you are a new customer, you are provided with a free 90-day trial of CX Analytics. Once this 90-day trial expires, you have the choice to either purchase the CX Analytics reports or you are provided the four standard VCC reports. See the CX Analytics Help for more information on VCC reports.

What are the VCC reports and dashboards?

See VCC Reports for details about Queue Activity, Queue Statistics, Agent Activity, and Agent Statistics reports and dashboards:

VCC264 VCC CXA.png

How do I access the Standard reports?

Click the Standard Reports link on the bottom of the CX Analytics dashboard to access the collapsible standard reports:

VCC264 Standard Reports CXA.png

How do I access My Reports?

Click the My Reports link on the CX Analytics dashboard to access all saved and shared reports:

VCC264 My Reports CXA.png

CX Analytics Reports Overview

CX Analytics provides reports for all channels: voice, chat, email, and multichannel (which includes all channels) for increased reporting capabilities:

VCC264 VCC Reports.png

Multichannel reports include statistics for all channels to which the agent is assigned.

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