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Making Calls

You can make calls using your SoftPhone by:

  • dialing the phone number manually using the supplied dial pad and then clicking Dial (the green phone icon)
  • entering the phone number manually using the phone number field located underneath your status and then clicking Dial (the green phone icon)
  • using click-to-dial
SoftPhone Dialpad

Making Click-To-Dial Calls

With click-to-dial, you can make calls at a click of a link.

To use click-to-dial:

  1. Click Accounts, Contacts, or Leads from the menu at the top of the Salesforce screen to open up the lists in the corresponding screens.
  2. Click the phone icon, as shown in the graphic below, to place the call:

thumb|center|700px|Click-to-Dial in the Contacts List

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