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Completing Calls

Sometimes, when finishing a conversation with a caller, there are still some tasks that you need to do afterwards to complete the call, for example: make a follow-up call or add information to the call record.

When the call itself finishes, the following Wrap Up screen appears:

Wrap Up Screen

You can complete the following tasks using the Wrap Up screen:

  • Click the Add More Time button to extend your wrap-up time.
  • (Optional) Add a call note in the Call note... field.
  • (Optional) Select from a pre-configured list of dispositions. Dispositions are codes that describe the final outcome of your call. These codes are used to flag calls for reporting purposes. These codes are configured by an administrator in VCC Dashboard.
  • Click Mark Me Away After Call to automatically set your status as Not Ready, so you do not receive another call. You stay in the ACW state until you change your status to Ready.
  • Click Done when finished with the call to update the call information in the database.
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