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CX Analytics

What's New

  • A new metric, 'Direct-Transferred Calls by Agent', is added to the following reports:
    • Agent Statistics Report (Day/15 Min/Hour)
    • Agent Consult Calls
    • Skill based Report (Agent Stats)
    The new metric includes the total number of transfer calls initiated by an agent, but does not include the number of consult calls initiated by an agent and then transferred to the consult received agent.
    To avoid confusion with this new metric, the existing metric 'Transferred Call by Agent' in the Agent Consult Calls report is renamed as 'Consult-transferred Calls by Agents'.

Resolved Issues

  • The 'Handle Time' metric now better represents agent activity, and is calculated as follows:
    • In the Interaction Statistics reports, 'Handle Time' is now calculated as the sum of Consult Time, Hold Time, Talk Time, and Wrap-up Time.
    • In the Agent Statistics enhanced report, 'Handle Time' now includes Wrap-up Time. (AACD-6387)
  • The metric 'consult-transferred calls by agent' in the Agent statistics consult report now includes only consult calls that were initiated by an agent and subsequently transferred to another agent. (CXA-2039)
  • The metric 'service level%' in the Interaction statistics by Day/Hour report is now rolled up in totals. (CXA-1972)

Known Issues

This section is a cumulative list of known, but not yet resolved, issues discovered since the first release of CX Analytics.

  • Agents should select the disposition codes within 2 hours after the end of a call. If an agent selects the disposition codes after 2 hours from the end of the call, customers will not see the disposition code associated with the agent interactions in CX Analytics historical reporting.
  • In some scenarios, CX Analytics might show duplicate reason codes in the Agent Statistics Not ready report. When you use Page By or Filter, you must select all the duplicated reason codes. (CXA-1966)
  • On Holly platforms, the Customer Abandoned Calls does not match the number shown in the drill-down report. (CXA-1961)
  • Some dashboards might require you to upgrade Flash. (CXA-1938)
  • If an agent makes an outbound call to an external number and then transfers it to skill, the 'Calls Offered' metric includes multiple instances of the same call in the Interaction Statistics Interaction Statistics Redirected/Abandoned report. (CXA-1914)
  • For VCC, the call record play link is not available in the the Interaction Statistics - Time (Multichannel) report. (CXA-1861)
  • For GVP, if call recording is enabled for callback calls, then CX Analytics shows duplicate metric values in the Interaction Statistics By All and Interaction Statistics Report. (CXA-1860)
  • In the Interaction Activity report, CX Analytics reports Webrtc test calls twice. (CXA-1844)
  • In Interaction Activity reports, CX Analytics shows some missing interactions. For example,while placing a call, a new voice page is created associated with the call. When ETL processes the call, the voice page is deleted, and CX Analytics could not tag the interaction with the correct voice page, so the call is not shown in CXA reports. (CXA-1841)
  • For any new interactions without a disposition code , CX Analytics users see a DEFAULT_BUSINESS_RESULT disposition code, which is similar to None in the Interaction Activity reports. (CXA-1831)
  • CX Analytics does not show the report path in the report footer. (CXA-1820)
  • The 'Calls' metric in the Page Hits report count multiple instances of the same call if the same page for a given call hits during different 15-minute intervals. There are four 15-minute intervals in an hour. The Page Hits report 'Number of Calls' metrics for a specific page does not match the number of records shown in a drill-down report. (CXA-1766, CXA-1706)
  • In the Page Entry report, when you drill down to the Call Events for a call report, CX Analytics shows incorrect values in the 'Call Start Time' and 'Page Duration' metrics. (CXA-1700)
  • In the IVR Page Errors report, CX Analytics incorrectly reports 'Non-VUI Error' and 'Page Hit' metrics (CXA-1693)
  • In the IVR Call report by hour or date, the 'sum of calls' metric is not equal to (sum of calls contained + calls transferred + calls less than 10 sec). (CXA-1671)
  • Historical reports show the correct agent activity data for the agent states or sessions for only the first 24 hours that an agent is logged in. To report the correct agent activity data in historical reports, ensure that the agents log out within 24 hours. (AACD-6274)
  • The Message Creation Time in the History List shows a GMT timestamp instead of a local AU timestamp. (AACD-5530)
  • Calls do not appear in CX Analytics report if they are transferred from an application or voice site (by IVR, not the agent) to another voice site, then eventually to an ACD page. (AACD-4949)
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