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Installing the Adapter

Installing the Adapter is the first step in getting your contact center started.

  1. Click Setup Menu and open the Setup Manager User Interface view.
  2. Navigate to Customization > SuiteBundler > Search & Install Bundles to open the SuiteBundler view.
  3. Click List, as shown below, to open the Installed Bundles view.
    SuiteBundler View
  4. Click New in the Installed Bundles view to open the Search & Install Bundles view.
    Installed Bundles View
  5. In the Search & Install Bundles view, enter Genesys Cloud CTI in the Keywords field and click Search.
    Search & Install Bundles View
  6. Click on Genesys Cloud CTI under the Name column to open the Bundle Details: General Cloud CTI view.
    Bundle Details: General Cloud CTI View
  7. Click Install.
  8. Review the bundled components, then click Install Bundle to open the Installed Bundles View.
    The following graphic displays a pending install status of the bundle.
    Pending Status
  9. Click Refresh to see a confirmation status once the installation is complete.
    Complete Installation
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