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Changing Your Status

You need to change your status to let the system know if, for example, you are ready to take calls or you are doing some extra work after completing a call.

To change your online status, click on the top online status bar to select one of the following statuses:

  • Ready
  • After Call Work
  • Aux Work
  • Not Ready
  • Offline
Status Screen

Status Definitions


When you set the softphone to Ready state, you are available to take calls.

Not Ready

When you are not ready or unavailable to handle calls, set your status to Not Ready. An example of Not Ready might be On Break.

After Call Work

After you complete a call and you need time to update the paperwork that is associated with that call, set your status to After Call Work. An example of AUX might be Updating a Caller Record.

AUX Work

If you are doing work that is not related to call handling, set your status to AUX Work. An example might be training.


When you have completed your work for the day, select Offline.

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