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Working with the Voice Channel

The Gplus Adapter for Salesforce includes the voice media channel, which you can use to:

When you look at the Voice view, you'll see where you can dial a call or use Team Communicator to find a contact.

Vcc gplus adapt sf voice.png

Once you have an active call — because you called someone or someone called you — the main voice channel view changes to the call view. This view has two main areas: call toolbar and call details.

Vcc gplus adapt sf active call view.png

Call Toolbar

When you have an active call, the call toolbar displays icons for actions that you can perform during a call. Depending on adapter configuration, you might see some or all of the toolbar icons described in the following table:

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Call Details

The call details view shows you all the data the adapter has about the call, and it provides fields that you can edit to add more information.

Case Information

The Case Information section shows you read-only information about the call — the exact information is determined by your administrator.

Here are a few examples of some information you might see in your call view:

  • Origin
  • Target
  • Contact name
  • Call type
  • Account information
  • Subject


The Participants section shows you read-only information about who else is on the call and the state of the participant (Ringing, Connected, Ended, and so on). This section is especially helpful when you're trying to keep track of who is participating in a conference call.


If configured by your administrator, you can change the disposition for a call either during the call or as part of your after-call work. You can use this field to record the business outcome of the call. To update, click the drop-down list, and then select a disposition. Ensure that you don't click Mark Done first before you select a disposition. You can't make any further changes after you click Mark Done.

Vcc GplusDisposition.png


You can add notes either during the call or as part of your after call work. To update, just enter your comments in the text field. Ensure that you don't click Mark Done first before you add a note. You can't make any further changes after you click Mark Done.

Vcc GplusNotes.png

Finishing a Call

When your call is over, either because the other party left the call or you clicked Hang up, you might need to update some information in the call details area. Your adapter might be configured to automatically change your status to After Call Work to give you time to complete this task; if not, you can change the status yourself. Your adapter might be also configured to automatically mark the call as done as soon as the call is over.

After you finish your after-call work, you can click Mark Done, which completes the call and sends you back to the main voice channel view. At this time, your status might automatically change to Ready, Not Ready, or some other value; otherwise, you have to change it yourself.

Vcc GplusFinish.png

If you are finishing multiple calls, just click the tab for a call, enter any necessary information in the call details area, and click Mark Done. Then, move on to your next call tab.

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