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Adding Users

You can add new users to your Salesforce call center using the following steps:

  1. Log into with your administrator credentials to open the Home page.
  2. Click Setup, found under the User menu drop-down list below your user name in the top right-hand corner to open the page.
  3. From the App Setup section on the left-hand side of the screen, click Customize to open the customization options.
  4. Click Call Center > Call Centers.
  5. Click the name of your contact center.
  6. In the Call Center Users section, click Manage Call Center Users.
    You can also access this button from the Call Center Edit screen, if you are editing your Contact Center Definition .xml file.
  7. Click Add More Users.
  8. Specify the search criteria to find the users who you want to assign to your call center. For example, you can search by the Last name field.
  9. Click Find to display the refined list of your search criteria.
  10. Select the check boxes for the users that you want to add.
  11. Click Add to Call Center.

Users can only belong to one call center at a time, so users are excluded from the search if they already a part of your contact center.
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