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Using Subscriber Lookup Results

Subscriber Search Results

After you do a search, you can use the results to get more detailed information about the accounts.

The Subscriber Lookup results return the following information and links:

  • Click an ID to access the Subscriber Details page for that subscriber. Use the Subscriber Details page to enable/disable features for subscribers. (See Subscriber Lookup Details for more information.)
  • Click a phone number to access the Phone Line Lookup page, which displays the details of that phone number.
  • Click a Status to access the Change Account Status page. The subscriber’s email address is pre-populated in the field.
  • Click Login to log into the subscriber’s CX Builder account.
  • Click Add(+) to add a subscriber to the CSR user’s favorites list.
  • Click CheckUsage to display the Lookup Usage screen. You can specify the Data Range, Phone Type, and Lookup Type to return the Lookup Usage results.

Using the Lookup Usage Screen

Lookup Usage Screen

Using this screen, you can request various usage results for the account.

  1. Select a Date Range.
    • If you select Single Month, select the month from the drop-down list.
    • If you select Start Date, specify the Start Date and End date.
  2. Select a Phone Type based on the results you wish. You have four options:
    • Local International and Toll Free
    • Local Only
    • Toll Free Only
    • International Only
  3. Select a Lookup Type.
    • If you select Usage Summary, a screen displays the Minute Usage and NALC. This section only appears for historical reasons. The CSR Tool doesn’t interact with the latest billing system in place at Genesys. In addition, the CSR tool, and therefore this section, will not display data from the specific billing software used by OEMs.
    • If you select Individual Record Details, a screen provides you with the same information as Usage Summary and also includes a table with information on Angel Number, Caller ID, Start Time, Duration, and Call Recording Duration.
    • If you select Break Down by Voice Sites, you have the option to also select Calculate Usage Minutes For Each Voice Site (Will be longer).
      • If you don't select the additional option, the screen provides the same information as Usage Summary and also a table with the site names created for this account, the associated Numbers (if assigned), Lookup, Name, and Address information.
      • If you select the additional option, the screen provides the same information as Usage Summary and the table also includes Usage and Call Recording Duration.
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