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Phone Number Management

Use the Phone Line Admin section to add, lookup, and manage phone numbers. You can also use it to view details about a specific phone number, such as the Dialed Number Identification Service (DNIS) and the subscriber to whom the number is assigned.

Adding Phone Numbers

Click Number Pool Admin to access the Phone Line Admin screen, as shown below, to add phone numbers to a pool of them that will be available to all customers. Customers can then see these phone numbers in CX Builder and add/assign them to their sites.

Adding Phone Numbers

Add one phone number at a time, using the following format:

  • Add format:
    • number (example: 800-555-1234)
    • DNIS (example: 8005551234)
    • type (example: tollfree)
    • countrycode (example: 61)
    • areacode (example: 800)
    • subscriberID (example: 7f000001-11-22222222222-33333333-444)
  • Possible number types:
    • tollfree
    • local
    • intl_local
    • intl_tollfree
  • Remove format (DNIS): 800xxxxxxx (example: 8005551234)

Searching for Phone Numbers

Use Phone Line Lookup to search for existing phone numbers. In the Phone number field, enter all or part of a number and click Go.

  • If you enter part of the number, the tool returns a list of numbers that match the digits you entered. To see details on a specific number returned, click the number.
Phone Lookup Results - Partial Number Search
  • If you entered a specific and complete number, the tool returns a screen providing details about that number.
Phone Lookup Results - Specific Number Search

The CSR tool also lets you know if a phone line is assigned and to which account it is assigned. Through this screen, you can assign or un-assign a number.

Browsing Available Numbers

Browsing Available Numbers
  • Click Browse Available Numbers to see a list of phone numbers that are not yet assigned.
  • Click a number and the Phone Line Lookup screen displays. If you wish to assign it, click assign and the Assign/Unassign Phone Number screen displays for you to do so.

Assigning or Unassigning Phone Numbers

Use Assign/Unassign Phone Number, as shown below, to assign a specific phone number to an account, if available. You can also use it to un-assign a phone number from an account.

Assigning or Unassigning Phone Numbers
Before you can assign a phone number/DID to a subscriber, you need to add the number to the pool first, as described in the Adding Phone Numbers section.

To access Assign/Ussassign Phone Number:

  1. If you are on the Phone Line Lookup screen, click [assign] or [unassign] next to the phone number, which opens the Assign/Unassign Phone Number screen.
  2. On the Assign/Unassign Phone Number screen, click Assign or Unassign to change the assignment status of the phone number.
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