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Creating an Enterprise Account

To create a new enterprise customer (subscriber account), you must add the account, assign a phone number to it, and enable CX Builder features. After you do this, a subscriber can begin using CX Builder.

Adding an Enterprise Account

Use Add Enterprise Account, as shown below, to create a new subscriber:

Adding an Enterprise Customer Account

To create a new subscriber using the CSR tool:

  1. Enter the new user details in the Add Enterprise Account form. Specify the following:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Email Address — The email address you enter is also used as the user’s login ID, as well as the default contact email address.
    • Phone Number — This number is the contact phone number, not the DNIS number assigned to the voice site.
    • Time Zone — CSR uses the default time zone from your site builder account. You can change the time zone using CX Builder. The drop-down menu supports all global time zones.
    • Billing ID — This field must contain an entry, but the actual information is optional. As an OEM, you can add the unique Billing ID from your own billing software so that it's included in the customer's CX Builder account. However, the CSR Tool will not link to your billing software. If you are not going to use this field, you can enter any value, like "not_used," to create the account.
  2. Click Create Account. The subscriber will receive a welcome email with instructions to create a password, a PIN, and a security question.

Note: The Date Format is now automatically set based on the time zone. With this change, the Date Format field was removed.

Assigning a Phone Number to the Account

After creating the account, you need to assign a phone number to it, using the Subscriber ID for the account you just created.

  1. Click Subscriber Lookup and search for the subscriber using the subscriber email address.
  2. Copy the subscriber ID.
  3. On the left side of your screen, click Assign/Unassign Number.
  4. Enter a phone number you want to assign in the Phone Number field.
  5. Paste the ID you just copied into the Subscriber ID field.
  6. Click Assign. At the top of the screen, the CSR tool displays a confirmation of the assignment.

Enabling CX Builder Features

If you haven't already done so, you need to enable CX Builder features for your account. See Enabling CX Builder Features.

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