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About the CSR Tool

With the CSR Tool, you can search for customers (the subscribers) or create and manage their accounts. You can also manage other features, for example, the phone number pool.

CSR Tool Main View

Before you start

Before you can access the CSR tool, you have to be logged into the Genesys network or the Genesys VPN, or have a white labeled IP address. Contact your account representative to get CSR access permissions.

After your permissions are set up, you can access the CSR tool here: https://csr.angel.com/admin/CSR/.

This tool cannot be accessed over the open internet.

Add-on functionality

The following features are add-on options but they can not be activated through this CSR Tool. Contact Genesys if any of your customers want to activate one or more of these capabilities.

  • Call recording
  • Email routing for ACD
  • Chat Routing for ACD
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