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Contacts can be team members or customers and are stored in the Contact Directory. From the Contact Directory, you can call or email a contact, manage a contact's profile information (such as their name, phone number, email address), and review a contact's past interactions.


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Not all of the features described in this topic might be available in your environment.

Where are my contacts?

There are a few different ways that you can access your contacts:

  • Open your Contact Directory by selecting Contact Directory from the Supporting Views menu. This contains all of your contacts, such as team members, customers, and any external contacts.
  • Use the Team Communicator to quickly contact a team member, or a favorite or recent contact. This tool is accessed from the Type name or number search bar near the top of the screen (or by clicking the link= button, if you are working with an interaction).

Watch the video to see an overview of the Contact Directory.

How do I find a contact in the Contact Directory?

The easiest way is to use the Quick Search option.

Start typing a name, phone number, or email address into the Quick Search field and the matching results are returned in the Contact list.

Customize the search results by using link= to toggle between grid or list view, or click on the headers to sort by column (list view only).

Watch the video to see how you can search the directory and customize the results.

What actions can I take with a contact?

  • Call or email the contact.
  • View and manage their profile Information.
  • View their History of interactions in the History tab.
  • Use More Actions to perform other actions (depends on your permissions).

Watch the video to see how you can call or email a contact from the Contact Directory.

How do I assign a contact to an interaction?


You might have permission to assign a contact to an interaction that you are handling.

Sometimes a known contact might connect anonymously to your contact center by using a phone, email account, or other media that is not part of the information that is stored about that contact in the contact database.

If you are handling an interaction that has an incorrect contact, there will not be a contact name displayed in the party display area.

If you know that the contact is someone who is already in your contact database, you can add the interaction to the history of the contact. If the contact is not in your contact database you can create a new contact.

Click Contact to display the Contact Directory, then click the Information tab of the Contact Directory if it is not already visible.

Next, click the Assign Another Contact to this Interaction button (IW Change Contact Button 850.png).

The Contact Search view is displayed. You use this view to find the contact in the contact database.

In the Quick Search field, enter the name or other information, such as a phone number or email address, of the contact then click the magnifying-glass icon to begin the search of the contact database.

Choose the correct contact in the Search Results list or grid.

Then, click Assign to assign your current interaction to the contact that you selected. The interaction is added to the Contact History.

When you assign the interaction to a known contact, the title bar, tab, and party action area of the interaction window is updated to display the name of the contact.

How do I create a new contact from an interaction?


Sometimes you have to handle interactions from contacts who have not yet been added to your contact database.

If your system is not set up to create a new contact automatically for an unknown contact, the Contact Information view for the current interaction window is left blank.

If you have the permission from your administrator to do so, you can create new contacts in the contact database by clicking the Create New Contact button (IWAddContactIcon 850.png) to launch the Create Contact view in the Contact Information tab.

While you are talking to or corresponding with the new contact, obtain his or her information and then enter the contact information in the fields. A small red triangle appears in the top left hand corner of the text field to indicate that the information is not saved.

To save the new information, click the Save button (IWNewContactSaveIcon 850.png).

To discard your updates, click the Reset button (IWNewContactResetIcon 850.png) to clear any unsaved changes from the Create Contact view.

If you want to add additional phone numbers and email addresses for the new contact, click the Add Phone Number or Add E-mail Address link. A new set of fields is added into which you can enter this information.

To specify a phone number or e-mail address as the primary contact number or address, click the Primary radio button beside the phone number or e-mail address that you want to specify as the primary number or address for the contact.

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