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Team Communicator

Team Communicator is a universal lookup tool. You can use it to start phone calls and emails.

How do I start a call or an email message?


To start a voice call or an email interaction, just click in the Team Communicator and start typing information about who you want to call or email. The Team Communicator is a feature that lets you to find someone in your company's directory (an internal target) or someone from outside your company (like a contact) who has their information stored in the contact directory.

You can enter a name, part of a name, a phone number, or an email address into the Team Communicator field and immediately start a call or email message to that person. Your administrator might set up your system to restrict whom you can search for.

For example, the Team Communicator enables you to initiate voice communication with internal or external people to help resolve a particular customer case or for other purposes, such as a follow-up call or a meeting.

The Team Communicator is available in the following views:

  • Main View
  • Voice Interaction windows (for transfer, conference, and consultation actions)

Type a name or number in the field to begin your search. When you click in the field, the Team Communicator toolbar is displayed. As you type, the Team Communicator suggests known agents, contacts, and other resources. Click on the name of the person that you want to contact from the results list. You can still start an interaction with someone who is not in your company database by typing in the full telephone number or email address and then clicking the Call or Email button in the Action Menu beside the name or email address. The toolbar enables you to search for All contacts and internal targets or Recent internal targets. It also enables you to filter by contact or internal-target type, and to group or ungroup your search results.

Agent Desktop does not report when other agents change their phone numbers. To see the updated phone numbers in Team Communicator, the agent has to start a new Agent Desktop session.

In the Main View

This section tells you how to use the Team Communicator in the Main View.

The Main View contains the Team Communicator Quick Search field, which is a universal-lookup tool. This tool can search both the contact database and the internal-target directory. This toolbar enables you to search for:

  • IW Team Comm Search All Button 850.png Search all: You can select from all matching internal targets and contacts. This selection does not affect the sort order.
  • IW Team Comm Search Favorites Button 850.png Show and search favorites: Click to show only contacts/address book targets that your administrator has provided as frequently called numbers outside of the contact center. The sort order is by category or type.
  • IW Team Comm Search Recents Button 850.png Show and search recent: Select from the last 1 to 10 internal targets you have directly dialed or monitored. The sort order is by date.
  • Filter by Type: Select the type to search: All Types, Agent, or Skill.
  • IW Team Comm Group Ungroup Button 850.png Show/Hide Types: Select to show or hide types.

Using the Team Communicator Toolbar to Perform Searches

To perform a search:

  1. Select Team Communicator Quick Search field. A toolbar appears.
  2. Enter a name, telephone number, or other keywords in the field to begin your search.

How do I use favorites?


Typically, your favorites are team members or IVR transfer points that you contact frequently. Your supervisor or administrator creates or removes favorites.

To see your favorites, select Wwe favorites filter icon.png (favorites filter) on the Team Communicator bar.

Favorites are marked with a IW Team Comm Corporate Favorite Icon 850.png (star). Use the filters and sorting options to change the types, categories, and order of your favorites.

Calling and Emailing

Use the Team Communicator to start a new interaction.

To launch a new interaction (external or internal call):

  1. Select a target or contact.
  2. Enter the name of an internal target (agent or skill), or a contact name, or a telephone number in the universal-lookup field. As you type, VCC Agent Desktop searches the internal target and contact databases and lists potential contacts and internal targets. If you are searching for an internal target, his or her status is displayed next to their name in the Team Communicator results list.
If manually dialing a number, a +1 prefix is required to place the call for North American phone numbers. A +011 prefix is required for international numbers.

You can use the pop-up view to do the following:

  • Filter and sort the list of search results.
  • Perform actions on a selected contact for calling.

Launching a Call

  1. Select the Action Menu pop-up list next to the internal target or contact you want to find.
  2. Click Call IW Call the Contact 850.png.
  3. Click the floating pop-up containing the phone number. The Case Information dialog box appears.

Ending a Call

  1. Click End Call IW End Call Button 850.png.
  2. Select a Disposition Code. This action depends on how your administrator configured your contact center
  3. Click Mark Done IW Mark Done Button 850.png.

Filtering and Sorting the List of Search Results

The Team Communicator search is a “keyword” search that checks each field of the contact database for the word or words (name, telephone number, or other criteria) you provide in the search field. Each field of the database is searched by using a “starts-with” search for the keywords you provide.

Results are returned in a list that is sorted according to the scoring rules. In most cases, you can refine the search results by using the filtering features of the list view. For example, you can filter your search results so that only agents or queues are displayed.

The result types might include the following:

  • All types
  • Agent
  • Contact
  • Skill

Filtering by Contact or Internal-Target Type

To filter your search results by contact or internal-target type:

  1. Click on the Select a type field.
  2. Select All Types, Agent, or Skill.

Your search results are then sorted by agent or skill:

VCC2.5.9 VCC Agent Agent Icon.png – represents an agent

VCC2.5.9 VCC Agent Skill Icon.png – represents a skill

Grouping or Ungrouping by Type

To group or ungroup your you search results by category or type:

  1. Click IW Team Comm Group Ungroup Button 850.png to show the categories or types.
  2. Click IW Team Comm Group Ungroup Button 850.png to hide the categories or types.
You can collapse categories by selecting the arrow displayed beside the name of the category.

Address Book

The Address Book is a list of phone numbers of external contacts (outside the contact center) that you call frequently, or who you want to find quickly. You can use the Address Book for outbound calling, instant call transfers, or consultation calls. Click IW Team Comm Search Favorites Button 850.png to access the Address Book.
You cannot edit or remove phone numbers in the Address Book as they are read-only. These phone numbers are controlled by your contact center administrator.
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