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My Workbins


This is the Premier Edition Cloud VCC agent desktop. Are you looking for Workspace Web Edition Agent Desktop? Click these links: Workspace Web Edition 8.5.2 or Workspace Web Edition 9.0.0.


A workbin is like a personal queue where you can store e-mail and other interactions to be handled later.

Select the Workbins tab to display the Workbins view, or from the Workbins drop-down list, choose one of the following workbin views:

  • In Progress — Contains inbound e-mail messages or other workitems that have not been processed
  • My Drafts — Contains outbound e-mail messages that have been saved as draft

To view another workbin, select it in the Workbin explorer on the left-hand side of the view. The number of unopened e-mail messages in each workbin folder is indicated next to the name of the workbin folder.

The list of available workbins depends on the configuration of your system. The default selected workbin is the first workbin in the list specified by your system administrator. Some of the workbins which might be configured for you include:

To view details, notes, and case date about an interaction, select it. Information about the selected interaction is displayed in the tabs at the bottom of the Workbins view. To display the interaction information tabs, click the Show/Hide Details Panel button. (IW ShowHideArrangeWorkbinDetailsButton 850.png)

To open an interaction, select it and click on the Open icon (IW Workbin Open Button 850.png).

Select here for information about handling e-mail interactions.

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