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How do I accept an incoming interaction?


This is the Premier Edition Cloud VCC agent desktop. Are you looking for Workspace Web Edition Agent Desktop? Click these links: Workspace Web Edition 8.5.2 or Workspace Web Edition 9.0.0.

If a new interaction (call, chat, or email) arrives at your workstation, you are notified by the Interaction Preview, a pop-up window that includes attached data that lets you to decide whether to accept or reject the interaction. If your account is set up by your administrator for auto-answer, you do not have to accept inbound interactions.

The Interaction Preview displays an interactive notification that lets you to preview a new inbound interaction. The preview includes attached data that enables you to decide whether to accept or decline the interaction.

The Case Information displayed in your Interaction Preview depends on the items configured by your system administrator.

Accepting an Interaction

When a new inbound interaction is routed to your workstation an interactive Interaction Preview appears in the bottom right corner of your display.

  • Accept — Opens the interaction in an interaction view.
  • Reject — Returns the interaction to another agent, routing point, or ACD queue. The Reject option is not available on direct voice interactions.
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