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VCC Dashboard Help

What is VCC Dashboard?

VCC Dashboard is an easy-to-use application that enables you to view the state of your ACD queues and manage your agents and skills, permitting you to make instantaneous and informed decisions about the operation of your contact center. You can select agents and monitor their call activity, coach them, and barge-in on active calls.

About This Help

The following topics explain the different features of VCC Dashboard:


Find information for supervisors:


Find information for administrators:

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create agents?


How do I configure email or chat?

Read the topic Are there any add-on options? for information on how to configure email. You can also expand the following section to read common troubleshooting questions.

[+] Common troubleshooting questions

How do I learn more about Premier Edition: Virtual Contact Center (VCC)?

The VCC Solution Guide contains information about the VCC solution as a whole, including introductory topics on the components that make up VCC.

VCC Documentation Resources and Contacting Genesys Customer Care

Do you need more information about the VCC solution? The following documentation might be able to help you:

  • The VCC Release Note: gives you all the information about new features, modifications, or any known UI behaviors/limitations.
  • The VCC Solution Guide: gives you an overview of Virtual Contact Center (VCC) and are intended for use by administrators, supervisors, and agents. These topics also describe the product functionality and the user interfaces (UI), such as user accounts, routing, outbound campaigns, call recording, data recording, and historical reporting.
  • The CX Analytics Help: gives you the information that you need to use the CX Analytics' VCC historical reports.

Additional information on Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc. is available on our Customer Care website.

Contacting Genesys Customer Care for the Cloud

Need additional assistance with using your Genesys Cloud solution? We’re happy to help. Just contact us using one of the phone numbers listed on the following page: Cloud Contact Phone Numbers.

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