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How Do I Assign Agents to Teams?

Agents are assigned to supervisors when a supervisor and the agents are assigned to the same team. Agents are users who are responsible for handling calls and addressing customer issues.

  1. Select a team:
    VCC269 Teams Queue Selection.png
  2. Select the Agents tab in the section highlighted below to open the Agents view.
    VCC269 Dashboard Configuring Teams.png
  3. The Agents view is divided into two sections:
    • All Agents — lists all available agents in the contact center
    • Team Agents — lists the agents associated with a specific team
    You can search for a specific agent (optional) or drag an agent from the All Agents section and drop it into the Team Agents section
    VCC263 Teams Agents Drop.png
  4. Click Teams to return back to the default Teams view, or click another tab to segment another section of the contact center.
VCC263 Teams Back.png

What if I want to assign agents to a different team?

Once you're in the Agents view, you can assign agents to different teams by clicking on the name of the team that you want to segment:

VCC263 Teams Select.png

Then drag an agent from the All Agents section and drop it into the Team Agents section:

VCC263 Teams Agents Drop.png

How do I remove agents from a team?

You can remove any agent from an associated team. You can always add them back to a team as needed. In the Team Agents section, hover your mouse over the agent that you want to delete and click x to delete the agent.

VCC263 Teams Deleting Agents.png

How do I search for agents?

You can use the search tool to find a specific agent by typing the name of an agent into the Search field. Searches are case-sensitive. Press Enter to start the search and click X to clear the search field.

VCC263 Agent Search.png
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