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Configuring the CTI Adapter URL

Set up a contact center and its associated permissions by accessing the CTI Panel on the dashboard.

Accessing the CTI Adapter URL

To access the CTI Adapter URL, go to Setup > Company > General Preferences > Custom Preferences and click Genesys CTI Adapter URL to open the Genesys Cloud Overview view, as shown below:

Genesys Cloud Overview View

You can access the CTI panel on specific record type interfaces, if you are assigned to a Call Center record and:

  • the record type is defined as Genesys RecordType
  • the record type has the Show Panel option enabled (checked)
  • the call center has a specific record type permission
  • the user has a specific record type permission

The following setup and permissions are required, in the given order, to access and use the CTI panel:

  1. Call Center
  2. RecordType Permission
  3. Call Center Permission
  4. User Permission
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