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Managing Calls

You can use the SoftPhone to manage your incoming calls. You can choose to:

  1. transfer a call
  2. hold or resume a call
  3. end a call
Managing Active Call

You can handle your calls by using the following call options that are displayed near the top of the SoftPhone:

Button Functionality
VCC260 Go To Transfer.png
Go to a call transfer
VCC260 Hold Call.png
Hold or resume the call
VCC260 Adapter Hang Up.png
Hang up the call

Adding Call Notes

You can also add notes relating to the call and can overwrite the default subject. To add a note, click in the Enter call notes... section of the SoftPhone screen.

Adding Transfer Notes

The Enter call notes... field can also be used in the case where one agent needs to provide additional information to another agent who is set to receive a conference or transfer. Prior to initiating the conference or transfer, the first agent adds whatever information is required to the call note field and then proceeds with the conference or transfer.

When the second agent receives the call, the call note field is populated, allowing them to review and pick up where the first agent left off. This is particularly useful in cases where customers may need to be blind transferred and the first agent is not able to speak directly with the second agent prior to hanging up from the call.

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